I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology. I hold Graduate Appointments at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) and at the Faculty of Information. My research explores the social and cultural context of technology creation and use with emphasis on race and gender equity in educational settings. I work primarily in community-based research settings and partnerships, with a focus on immigrant, refugee, and other non-dominant groups.

I am currently conducting a qualitative research study focused on community-based teaching and learning practices in Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Malawi. This project is exploring community pedagogies related to technology and is uniquely designed to involve Community Researchers and digital data collection. I am also launching a new project exploring how immigrant and refugee families use and develop digital tools that aim to teach and learn cultural history and heritage across generations. These projects are respectively funded by the University of Toronto Connaught New Researcher Award and SSHCR New Frontiers grant program.

My past projects have also focused on media education, video production, and more recently Virtual Reality art design working with non-dominant young people such as girls of colour and incarcerated young people.

Methodologically, I adopt anti-oppressive research practices including feminist, anti-racist, and participatory or community-engaged research. I draw on visual research methods and interview methods as my primary data collection tools. I have published in Information, Communication & Society, Comparative Education, American Educational Research Journal, Learning, Media & Technology, and Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, among other journals, reports, and public media. A full list of publications is available here.

I am available for consultancies focused on refugee education and technology research and reporting and more broadly to support researchers building participatory and anti-oppressive research programs and seeking guidance in these domains.